Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy

ATLANTIC FLUIDS & INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD has it as a policy that “ALL OPERATIONS” will be carried out in such a way as to enhance.

  • Quality delivery to customer satisfaction
  • Prevention of injury and preservation of health of its employees.
  • Employees safety and members of the public (community) that may be involved in its operations.
  • Operations within the limits of job execution/operational requirements so as to minimize many adverse on the work environment.


  • To achieve customer satisfaction
  • Ensure response to customer complaints promptly
  • To achieve all set targets on execution of project


  • To promote and encourage good health to all AFIS employees
  • To observe and identify health hazards at work sites and communicate details of hazards/dangers to personnel as appropriate.
  • To conduct medical examinations as required by status and ensure that confidentially of such examinations are maintained.
  • To conduct special investigations and examinations where there is evidence of occupational ill health.


  • To prevent unsafe acts/conditions, personnel injuries and property damage of any description.
  • To accomplish all projects in relation to operational and commercial objectives.
  • To indicate safety awareness and interest in all personnel
  • To acknowledge that health, safety and environment is the responsibility of line supervisors/managers and management.
  • To access the effectiveness and productivity of the QHSE Policy.


  • To promote, protect, encourage and create awareness for the preservation of the environment.


  • The security of lives of the employees and properties in line with established rules and objectives governing our health, safety, and environment and security policy.

Drug & Alcohol

  • To enhance a drug and alcohol free job site on 24hours basis. The use of drugs, narcotics, alcohol and related material are completely prohibited and its possession may result in immediate dismissal.


  • To prevent accidental and protect personnel so as avoid suffering and hardship.
  • To ensure that operations are carried out in safe manner.
  • To ensure that safe operation procedure form integral part providing efficient services
  • To demonstrate through satisfactory statistical records showing that business is conducted in accordance with the policies
  • To indicate individual responsibilities in employees with regards to issues on health safety, environment and security.

" We shall continue regular review of this Policy to meet situations in whatever we are doing. In addition, the commitments are outlined basically in accordance to our obligations with compliance to global QHSE standards ".

Sylvester Ofulue
Managing Director