Capacity And Growth Plan

Atlantic Fluids have the ability to provide innovative, complete drilling, completion and Workover fluids solutions that are hinged on locally based solutions and partnership of international standards.

Our local and overseas technical partnership allows us to speed up the learning process and develop cost effective innovative engineering solutions to meet with today’s drilling and completion fluids challenges.

We also offer and provide highly qualified Nigerian and expert mud engineering consultants, which meets our clients’ needs through consultancy agreements and permanent employee sourcing if required.

Our work force is mainly local and sometimes multinational. A resource of skilled technical and commercially experienced people with a diversified background. A resource pool from which we provide our various clients with the specific skills and knowledge they need.

We provide people who believe in diversity and inclusiveness at the workplace and will integrate seemingly within your organization. Our management team mainly Nigerians have experience working for multinational companies in Nigeria. Atlantic Fluids operational and technical services are available for specific specialists or operational teams in well engineering departments and other mud services companies. Services encompass all aspects of office-field supervision, operational planning and analysis, logistics, warehousing and drilling.

Manpower Resource and Training

AFIS is currently working on partnering with the American Petroleum Institute (API) to commence future special training in the following areas

  • Basic and Advanced mud engineering.
  • Cementing Technology.

We are also in the process of formally involving the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) in our plans to train Nigerian mud engineers to achieve high caliber specialist status required to reduce the influx of expatriates and the consequent capital flight.